Sicis, a premium brand from Ravenna, Italy has a contemporary dimension to design. Once used as just a simple covering, Sicis has now transformed surfaces into a communication tool that can express trends and lifestyles. VETRITE by Sicis is an exclusive collection featuring unprecedented thin glass tile slabs made of the iconic Sicis fabrics and printed polymer film sandwiched between large format glass.

ORVI blends creativity with craftsmanship, technology with tradition, Western aesthetics with artisanal techniques from Asia and beyond. Using a variety of state-of- the-art technology and precision machinery, from CNC routers and laser cutting instruments to water jets and sandblasting systems, in conjunction with the skill and experience of Indian craftsmen, ORVI creates innovative and uniquely beautiful surfaces for all parts of the building envelope; both for interior and exterior applications.

Porcelanosa from Porcelanosa Grupo, one of the eight companies of the group from Castellon, Spain, is a manufacturer of ceramic tiles. Known to be the trendsetter and design leader in ceramic floor and wall tiles in the world, Porcelanosa has a presence in over 150 countries across the globe. High technology, innovative design and unbeatable quality define the brand.

Iris Ceramica is the world leader in the production of glazed ceramic and glazed porcelain tiles for floor and wall coverings for residential, retail and industrial projects. Based in Modena, Italy, Iris has been adding to the prestige of Italian-made coverings world-wide since 1961, and is constantly demonstrating its commitment to the creation of ceramics with high technical and stylistic value.

Villeroy & Boch is our bath and wellness products brand from Mettlach, Germany. Timeless elegance, innovative design and extraordinary quality are the foundation of this premium European brand. Villeroy & Boch is a globally known brand with a presence in over 125 countries. It is the oldest bathware brand in the world.

Zucchetti is an Italian bathware company from Gozzano, Italy. Zucchetti’s basic values have always been innovation, design and quality. The brands product range includes bath and wellness products, consisting of faucets, bathware and accessories.

Kohler is an American bath and wellness products brand from Wisconsin, USA. Founded in 1873, Kohler combines bold thinking and rigorous craftsmanship to bring innovative, beautiful design to life.

Viega is our plumbing solutions brand from Attendorn, Germany. The company provides the most advanced and tailored solutions for internal piping, drainage and pre-wall systems.

A sub company of Porcelanosa Grupo, from Castellon, Spain, L’Antic Colonial was created with the mission of satisfying the demand for high quality natural products. The brand is known for its exclusive natural products: slate, marble, natural wood and mosaics that, together with its complements such as washbasins, countertops and bathroom furniture, allow for integral projects with the warmth of natural products.

Inkiostro Bianco, our exclusive wallpaper brand from Sassuolo, Italy, is a brand, an ambitious project and a workshop of ideas applied to the design and production of decorative graphics. These wallpapers provide visual solutions and all graphic designs can be printed on vinyl, which is ideal for interior installations (walls, ceilings or furnishings) or fiber glass, which is recommended for damp spaces (showers, bathrooms, kitchens or on treading surfaces, such as floorings).